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What is Reiki?

The energy field in and around our physical body can be affected by negative thoughts or feelings, and can become heavy and clogged.

Reiki heals by flowing through the affected areas and charging them with positive energy, raising the general vibratory level and causing the negative energy to leave the body.

Clearing, straightening and healing the energy pathways, Reiki thus allows the life force to flow in a healthier and more natural way.

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What clients say

Your energy reached me in a very good way.
I didn't expect my shoulder injury
to miraculously disappear since the doctor said it could last as long as 2 years.
However, I feel great. Grateful.

Emma    (distance treatment)

With my eyes closed, I had a strange experience: I saw a long chain of women holding hands, going back to women living in caves and leading up to Julia. After the session I felt completely refreshed,
as if reborn.


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We can all enjoy the incredible life energy that surrounds us, and work with it to feel more balanced, energised, and overall happier.
I help you access that energy through Reiki, so you can become your most radiant self.

Contact me or book online for an appointment in person or from a distance. Energy knows no limits.

I also give Reiki attunements so you can practice Reiki on yourself and others.


Julia Wolf - Reiki, Coaching, Tarot

Phone & Whatsapp:
+46 (0) 76 903 08 01

Online sessions on Zoom,
In person sessions in Stockholm & Vallentuna.

It is important not to have specific expectations about the outcome of receiving Reiki; healing will take place but it may happen in unexpected ways.

Reiki treatments are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, and no medical claims are made regarding these treatments. People with serious conditions should consult a doctor first and then consider including energy healing as a complement in a global health care program.

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